Welcome to Sivasagar Junior College (New name- Sivasagar Senior Secondary School)

college rules :

1. The institution stands for DISCIPLINE, MORAL CONDUCT and CHARACTER WORTHY for the future citizens of india.
2. Students will not be allowed to enter into the college campus unless they come to the college with PROPER and COMPLETE UNIFORM and in proper time.
3.On their way to and from the college  they are expected to behave in a good manner.
4. All students are require to attend 100% classes for their own benefit. those attending less than 75% classes will be considered as NON-COLLEGIATE and those attending less than 60% classes will be considered as DIS-COLLEGIATE.
5. The college is only for studious students and so all class tests and exams conducted by the college including final selection tests are compulsory.
6. Carrying of MOBILE PHONES to the college by the students is strictly prohibited.
7. Bikes are not allowed in the college campus But Scooties are allowed.
8. Students habituated with TRINGA, GUTKHA, PAN etc should not come to take admission in this college.
9. The college authority cannot be held responsible for activities of students residing in any private hostel/ mess outside college campus.
10. College library books must be returned before final exams.
11. Admission receipts and college fees receipts should be kept carefully. because duplicate copies are not issued by the college.
12. Fees for admission is not refundable.
13. Only pure black sweater in uniform is allowed in winter season.
14. Skirts of girls shorter than knee length are not allowed.


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